Features and benefits

We all know that it’s the benefits of a product or service that are the most important, but it is also undeniable that these benefits derive from the features of that product or service. So with that in mind below is a brief insight into the key system features.

System Essentials

  • Run one project or multiple projects simultaneously
  • Inbuilt structured consensus process provide consistency, quality and ease of use
    • - Optional preliminary stage to establish consensus structure
    • - Main research and feedback stage to gather participant opinion and supporting evidence
    • - Consensus stage to vote and achieve consensus
  • Refine and revise Consensus stage, maintaining a full audit of updates
  • 24/7 global access on any device
  • Intuitive question builder with workflow/response logic
  • Option for participants to upload supporting materials
  • Option for participants to comment on other participants responses
  • Option for participants comments to be anonymous
  • Data export on-demand using industry standard formats - CSV, XLS

Managing projects

  • Set start and finish dates for each stage
  • Upload supporting materials for each project
  • Dedicated asset library for each project to store images, spreadsheets, Word docs, PDFs and video
  • Assign supporting materials to questions as required
  • Comprehensive toolkit of question types

Branding and design

  • Tools to brand each project
  • Add custom logos and select key colours
  • Customise all supporting copy and titles
  • Create additional pages and content to build your microsite
  • Customisable key landing and thank you screens


  • Secure, cloud-based platform means there is no software to install
  • Resilient Tier 3 distributed hosting
  • Daily data and system backups
  • GDPR compliant
  • Access via two-factor authentication (2FA)

Admin user management

  • Manage user access rights and roles across multiple projects
  • Federated company account
  • Enterprise-wide admin panel
  • Audit trail of user access

KOL/HCP/Participant management

  • Manage all your participants in one place
  • Built-in email communications and messaging
  • Automated reminders and scheduling
  • Manage participant access to meet your timescales and deadlines

Quality and compliance

  • Full audit trail for reporting and compliance
  • Ability to display adverse reporting process
  • Ability to customise and display cookie and privacy policies


  • Online tutorials
  • Dedicated Customer Success representative
  • Online help 24/7
  • Support desk
  • 99.9% uptime SLA
  • Payment by invoice or credit card
  • In-app purchases available to add projects, participants, questions or extend time
  • Upgrade at any time

Bear in mind that these are the top-level aspects only and that through collaborations with our users and partners we are constantly improving the system.